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Football is one of the top three sports in India, after cricket and field hockey. Every kid who kicks a ball in the backyard dreams of being the new Sunil Chhetri one day and playing in any of the top 5 football leagues. Meanwhile, according to the statistics, 130 million adult Indians turn their passion for football into cash winnings by betting on football games daily.

Today you will find out why the Indian Super League (ISL) is closely connected with the European top 5 competitive football leagues, despite it not being featured on the current top 5 leagues in football official rankings. The list below consists of the top 5 best football leagues in the world according to our Indian users here, at Parimatch!

Top 5 Football Leagues In The World — The Ultimate List

In India, 9 out of 10 children are rooting for football teams from the current top 5 football leagues –  leagues from England, Italy, and Spain. At the same time, young footballers follow the performances of their National team and have a favorite club in the ISL. Despite the popularity of cricket, football is in the blood of Indians!

We will tell you all about the top 5 football leagues in world rankings which Indians love more than cricket.

Football Top 5 Leagues: Indian Super League (ISL)

The ISL was formed in 2013 to increase the popularity of football and try to win back the lion’s share of cricket fans. It is difficult to compete with cricket. BUT! We are sure that after the legendary Alessandro Del Piero moved to “Delhi Dynamos” (now “Odisha FC”) in 2014, watching football became way more interesting for the fans.

The ISL tried to make it unique, unlike the other members of the top 5 most popular football leagues. That is why the Super League is:

  • With only 11 teams participating – not 20 teams, as in the English Premier League;
  • 20 exciting matches – not 35+;
  • A place where there is little to take 1 place – the teams that take 1st-4th place play the playoffs and determine the winner among themselves.

Football in India is best characterized by the Ivorian striker – Abdoulaye Koffi, who played in the FC “Shillong Layong” in season 2017-18: “Indians play from their hearts and that makes the League very competitive”.

Top 5 Leagues Football: English Premier League (EPL)

We put the EPL right after the ISL, and not only because it is №1 on the UEFA list of the 5 top football leagues. English Premier League is an important strategic partner of ISL.

Premier League was officially established in 1992, but in fact, Premier League is considered to be the oldest in the world. It has 20 teams every year, each playing 38 matches. At the end of the season:

  • Teams that took 1st-4th places “get a ticket” to the UEFA Champions League;
  • Teams in 5th-6th places fight for the UEFA Cup (Europa League);
  • The team in 7th place will play in FIFA Confederations Cup;
  • Teams in 18th-20th places move to the Championship.

In India, 4 out of 10 football fans watch Premier League. Lots of Chelsea, Manchester United, and recently, there have been more new Manchester City fans emerging. The Indians were delighted to find out that ex-Arsenal midfielder moved to FC “GOA” in 2014 and happily watched the game featuring the Norwegian “Redhead Giant” – John Arne Riise (ex-Liverpool defender) in “Delhi Dynamos” the same year. These are only a few of the many stars that have transferred from the Premier League to India.

The special feature of this league is its unpredictability. Every year, five to seven clubs compete for the league title:

  • Manchester City,
  • Chelsea,
  • Liverpool,
  • Manchester United,
  • Tottenham,
  • Arsenal,
  • Leicester.

Every point is essential for winning, but funny things often happen. In 2014, Red Devil’s fan Holly Griffiths made a “mistake” and accidentally bet £2.5 on the win of the team he did not mean to stake on (he thought he bet on MU to win the match against MK DONS). As a result, he won £1,250 as his favorites lost 4-0.

Top 5 Leagues Of Football: Spanish La Liga

Spanish La Liga was created in 1929. Everything is much more predictable with this league than with its English counterpart. Out of 96 years of its history, 61 championship titles have been won by only 2 teams – Real Madrid (35) and Barcelona (26).

In addition, the following teams became La Liga champions:

  • Atlético Madrid – 11 times;
  • Athletic Bilbao – 8;
  • Valencia – 6;
  • Real Sociedad – 2;
  • Real Betis, Deportivo la Coruna, Sevilla FC – 1 time each.

For many La Liga fans, the Spanish championship is still associated with the great show of skill that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo were able to put up. But La Liga was popular even before the two prodigies took over the League. For instance, here are a few examples of La Liga’s biggest stars of the 2000s who moved to India and spread the reach of the League far beyond European leagues and borders:

  • Roberto Carlos’s free kicks were feared by opponents and loved fans. In 2014 he demonstrated his skills while playing for “Delhi Dynamos”;
  • Carlos Marchena (Sevilla), who has helped Spain play 50 matches without taking a loss, moved to Kerala Blasters FC in 2015 and became a fan-favorite right from the get-go;
  • Portuguese Simao Sabrosa (Atlético Madrid) became a captain of “NorthEast United” in 2015 and scored 3 goals in just 10 matches.

Withing the La Liga season, there is always an event that every fan is excited about – “El Clasico”. It is a confrontation between Real Madrid and Barcelona that is awaited by football fans worldwide, and India is no exception. “El Clasico” is especially popular among the betting community, since for them it is not even a matter of winnings, but the emotions that they experience while watching; and the win is a cherry on top.

Top 5 Leagues In World Football: Italian Serie A

The Italian Serie A was founded in 1929.

The format of Serie A is similar to La Liga and Premier League:

  • 20 teams;
  • Teams that got 1st-7th places “get a ticket” to the UEFA Champions League (4 teams), UEFA Cup (2 teams), and FIFA Confederations Cup (1 team);
  • Each team plays 38 matches per season;
  • The last 3 teams leave for Serie B.

It is thanks to the legends of Juventus – Lucio and David Trezeguet that the ISL has drawn so much attention from football fans all over the world.

In Serie A, there is its own “El Classico” that has lasted more than 100 years. This is the “Derby D’italia” between Juventus (Turin) and Inter (Milan). It is awaited for as much as the Spanish “El Classico, and if earlier 2/3 victories were on the account of Juventus, recently the “Nerazzurri” became stronger and have beaten the “La Vecchia Signora” in the standings more than once.

Top 5 Football Leagues Ranked: German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga (German league) was founded in 1963 and until 2010 it was considered to be a soccer league where the “new stars were lit”. For example, defender Julian Draxler was spotted by PSG scouts in Schalke 04 and taken in the company of Marco Verratti, Killian Mbappé, and other players. Another young talent is Erling Holland from Borussia Dortmund. We are sure that you, too, closely watch which club the Norwegian will choose.

Nowadays, the German championship is at the peak of its popularity thanks to:

  • The phenomenal game of Bayern (Munich) and, in particular, Robert Lewandowski;
  • The confrontation between Bayern and Borussia (Dortmund) in “Der Klassiker” (the German derby).

In the Bundesliga, there is one good example of the stars not only playing on the field but also managing the teams from the bench. Former assistant coach of German Hoffenheim and Eintracht Marco Pezzauoli became a head coach of “Bangalore FC”, which means that India not only “escorts the stars”, but also helps them light up.

For the past 10 years, fans of the Bundesliga have had only one question: will anyone be able to prevent Bayern from winning their 11th title in a row? Will see the next season.

Top 5 Best Football Leagues In The World: Final Remarks

The ISL and other members of the top 5 world football leagues are closer than it looks. Just imagine, tonight you’re watching Chelsea or Real’s match on TV where your favorite player is in the starting line-up. In a couple of years, this player can light up the game of your favorite Indian team and you might watch him play at the stadium in your city!

And even though you can not influence the game of the team you support, you can always make the experience even more interesting for yourself without leaving your monitor with betting at Parimatch! Simply download our Parimatch app, place a bet on any game of the top 5 leagues in the world, and enjoy your leisure of watching the spectacle of football matches that, hopefully, will result in a huge win!


What Are The Top 5 Leagues In Football?

The top 5 leagues in the world football according to the UEFA ratings are: 1. Premier League, 2. La Liga, 3. Serie A, 4. Bundesliga, 5. Ligue 1.

What Are The Top 5 Football Leagues In Europe?

The top 5 European football leagues are – 1. Premier League, 2. La Liga, 3. Serie A, 4. Bundesliga, 5. Ligue 1.

What Are The Top 5 Football Leagues In Asia?

The top 5 football leagues ranking in Asia is – 1. K-League, 2. Iran-Persian Gulf Pro League, 3. J1-League, 4. A-League, 5. PR-CSL.

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