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As sports betting becomes more and more popular, sportsbooks do the utmost to provide gamblers with more betting opportunities. Each of us played table tennis at least once in a lifetime, but could you imagine that your favorite childhood game can help you earn real money? Thousands of punters from all over the globe make table tennis predictions, place their bets, and win every day. However, if you want to be successful in this niche, you need to take some time to learn the right betting strategies. Our main objective is to review the most effective table tennis betting tips that might help you place only winning bets. Get comfortable and have a look!

Table Tennis Betting Tips from Parimatch

Although table tennis is not as popular as cricket or football in India, if properly handled, it can bring you a tidy profit. It’s a dynamic and energetic sport that attracts numerous fans from all over the globe. Plus, it’s popular among professional players and amateurs. With the right approach, you’ll undoubtedly achieve success.

Betting is mostly about luck, but a lot depends on your knowledge in this niche. Here, at Parimatch, we are for responsive betting. We believe that your knowledge and expertise in this niche will help you make the right bets. Our main goal is to teach you to do the right table tennis game prediction that will help you earn money on your bets. And when you’re ready, you’ll be able to successfully bet on table tennis with Parimatch.

To explain how to bet on table tennis, let’s analyze the game between two powerful tennis players: Pavel Medvedev and Miroslav Minkov. Both play in Liga Pro and represent Russia. Check out their Parimatch odds below.

Players Odds
Pavel Medvedev 1.17
Miroslav Minkov 4.50

Following the below-listed tips for table tennis, you’ll surely learn to wager on tennis!

1. Check Out the Players’ Profiles

That’s the first thing that you need to do. Go online and learn more about both players, at least some basic facts. Check their accounts on Facebook or Instagram, their age, reputation, state of health, etc.

2. Analyze the History of Two Players

Have they played against each other before? What are the results of these games? Do both players have awards? For example, we know that Pavel Medvedev and Miroslav Minkov have already played against each other before this game. Both are considered to be powerful players, but Minkow is weaker in terms of game dynamic and pace. That’s why betting odds are higher for him as his victory is less likely.

3. Learn Who is the Leader

You only know the predictions for the upcoming match but you should also check the statistics of the previous games. How many games have they played before? How many wins and losses do both players have?

For example, we know that Pavel Medvedev has already played 159 tournaments, 914 games (588 wins/326 losses).

Miroslav Minkov has already played 346 tournaments, 1841 games (1105 wins/736 losses).

4. Look at the Style of Play

It goes without saying that the playing style is one of the most important factors to consider before placing your bets. For example, some table opponents suffer from left-handed opponents. Plus, absolutely each player holds a racket differently (some of them prefer playing with a backhand whereas others — with a forehand). Besides, a lot depends on the way a tennis player serves the ball. For example, Pavel Medvedev is considered a more powerful player in terms of the pace of play as he is more energetic.

5. Find Out the Winning Percentage of Each Player

This simple mathematical calculation will surely help you make the right table tennis prediction. Obviously, recent wins and losses can be a game-changer. When you check this information, this will surely provide you with a huge favor as you’ll be able to accurately estimate the situation. We have already analyzed the statistics of both players and here are the statistics:

Players Wins Losses Winning % Win/Loss Ratio
Pavel Medvedev 588 326 64% 1.8
Miroslav Minkov 1105 736 60% 1.5

6. Find Interesting and Valuable Bets on Parimatch

The greatest benefit of Parimatch is our extensive selection of betting markets and bet types. Even the most demanding punters will surely find something for themselves. For example, when talking about the match between Miroslav Minkov and Pavel Medvedev, you can choose one of the following types of bets:

  • To win
  • Handicap
  • Total (over/under)
  • and more

7. Understand the Type of Event

When betting on table tennis, it seems logical to consider the type of event when trying to make the right table tennis betting predictions. The thing is that table tennis has a particular set of big tournaments. Some of them are more expensive and famous whereas others are small local events where unknown table tennis players compete for the title. The most legendary tournaments are as follows:

However, you should bear in mind that not all athletes are ready to spend time and money on lesser-known championships. That’s why the odds may be lower, but this doesn’t mean you have to postpone your bet! You still have a chance to win!

8. Look at the Odds

To analyze the odds is another step to follow. Odds are the ratio of the profit won to the stake. On Parimatch, we use decimal odds that represent the amount one wins for every 1 INR wagered.

The odds for Pavel Medvedev are 1.17, and for Miroslav Minkov the odds are 4.50.

If you bet 2,000 INR on Medvedev, the total amount of money you can receive is as follows:

2,000 INR x 1.17= 2,340 INR

If you bet 2,000 INR on Minkov and win, you’ll get this much:

2.000 INR x 4.50 = 9,000 INR

The choice is yours!

9. Know Who Plays Home

Although some punters don’t take this issue into account, in some instances, this psychological aspect may influence the course of the game. For table tennis, this factor is as important as for football, tennis, basketball and other sports. If a player is on the home field, he knows that his friends, family, relatives, and fans are on the field and support him. This empowers him.

10. Read Professional Tipsters on Match Results

It is clear that you need to be on top of all issues, but if you are an inexperienced bettor, you need to consider the opinion of experts in this niche. Check the forecasts of analysts in this area before wagering on this or that player.

When browsing the web, you’ll find a wide array of forums and table tennis prediction websites where professional bettors share their experience, analyze matches, the playing style of players, etc. Having analyzed these table tennis free predictions, you’ll get the opinion of different experts and will surely make the right bets.

11. Create Results Table Based On Your Table Tennis Match Predictions

After your research, you have to sum up everything and create a table. It might help you draw a conclusion and finally place your bets.

Players Win/Loss Ratio Last 5
Pavel Medvedev 1.8






Miroslav Minkov 1.5






Live Table Tennis Betting

On Parimatch, you can also make live bets: simply watch the game, monitor the odds, and place your wagers as the match is in full swing! Live sports betting is more exciting for some punters as in this case, you need to make an impulsive decision. Keep track of the scores, check the odds, and make your live table tennis bets right away!

How to Bet on Table Tennis Online with Parimatch?

We’ve just analyzed the basics and now is the time to move on to practice. Betting on table tennis becomes easy with Parimatch — you just register, make a deposit, find the matches for table tennis betting, best bet options for the match, and place a bet! Are you chomping at the bit to make your first table tennis wagers? Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can do that on Parimatch, the best table tennis prediction site and bookmaker!

  • Register on Parimatch

Go to Parimatch and click on the button “Sign up”. Enter your phone number, create a password and confirm your account.

Register and bet on table tennis!

  • Make a Deposit

Go to your account and click on “Finances”. In the pop-up window, click on “Deposit”.

How to deposit on Parimatch

You’ll see all available payment options. Choose the one that most suits your requirements and deposit money.

Place deposit at Parimatch and win

  • Find the Matches for Table Tennis Betting

Now, you need to find the most suitable matches. Look at the top of the screen and you’ll see “Live Events” and “Upcoming Matches”. On the left side of the screen, click on “Table Tennis”. Look at all available games and choose the game.

Try table tennis betting

  • Find the Best Bet Options for the Match

Finally, it is time to choose the best odds and place your bet. Analyze the odds, the players’ statistics (consider all pieces of advice given in this post), click on odds and you’ll see your bet on the right side of the screen.

Place Table Tennis bets

  • Place a Bet!

It’s the final stage. Click on the yellow button “Place Bet” and that’s all!

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Now, you know a lot about tennis betting, what aspects to consider, and how to predict a winner. Following all these pieces of advice, you’ll surely make the right table tennis match prediction and winning bets.

Remember that successful betting is not only about luck; it’s more about your knowledge and experience in this area. Now, when you know everything about table tennis betting, check table tennis predictions today, go to Parimatch, consider the odds, and place your bets right away!

Table Tennis Predictions FAQ

How to predict table tennis games results?

You have to learn the previous statistics of players, their rating, win/loss ratio, etc. This information might help you weigh all pros and cons and make the right predictions.

Do table tennis matches end in a draw?

A lot depends on the competition and players. A draw may be during the course of the game, but it can’t be a final result.

How to predict parlays bets in table tennis?

The only valuable recommendation is to know everything about the players before betting on table tennis. When you know the previous statistics, it is easier to predict parlay bets in this game.

Does table tennis have high odds?

A lot depends on a bookmaker. Rest assured, Parimatch has got the best odds for table tennis! So if you give it a try, you won’t regret it.


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