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Football has always been one of the most popular sports, at least in Europe. Many people think of themselves as experts because of their broad knowledge of everything connected with football. No wonder they do – there are fans who watch almost every game their favourite team plays in, they know about all the injuries players get, and they are tuned in to all the rumours roaming through the crowd.

All of those millions of people are potentially successful bettors as they already have great base on how to bet on football games. Here in this article, we will talk about online football betting and discuss some tips that may be quite valuable for different match bets.

Is Betting on Football Online Legal in India?

This may surprise you, but yes, it is legal. Though all kinds of bets are banned (not only football betting in India), this law doesn’t apply to online betting. If you are from India, install a Parimatch mobile application to your tablet or smartphone or have fun with a desktop version – you are not going to break any law.

Popular Football Leagues to Bet On

So, if you decide to dive into a new experience, you should start it with some reliable allies by your side. Choose a proper betting league wisely, whether you are in India or not. Every country has its own decent representatives in this sphere. To find out more, go to the Parimatch football league list.

Indian Super League

Indian Super League has not lived a long life yet; it appeared on the market just a few years ago. Nevertheless, it has already been followed by its loyal bettors. Here, you can find many exciting rivalries and unforgettable matches.

UEFA Champions League

It is another decent tournament beloved by bettors worldwide. The Champions League is sure to bring you tons of wins as only the best teams can compete in it.

FIFA World Cup

32 teams from all around the globe compete in this exciting tournament. FIFA World Cup is the ultimate competition where you can bet on the strongest teams from different continents.

English Premier League

It is considered to be the best league in the world right now. Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester United, and Arsenal are the most famous teams in the English Premier League, but, of course, they are not the only ones.

La Liga

La Liga has its roots in Spain. After the English Premier League, it is the most famous one with the best teams. Few football fans have never heard of FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Atletico Madrid, right?


German football, and particularly Bundesliga, is thought to be rougher, as players must show outstanding determination and motivation. Teams can achieve some results only when they give the game all of themselves.

How Do Football Betting Odds Work?

First of all, you need to have a look at the odds. To calculate your chances right, you should divide 1 by the odds and then multiply it by 100. You will get a percentage that will show how likely you are to win or to lose. To estimate your potential winnings, you need to multiply your bet on the odds. The result is your payout, and your profit is your payout minus your original wager. The understanding of your chances to win and the sum at stake will show you the best odds.

How Football Betting Works

There are plenty of football betting types. To get to know them all takes some time, but nobody says you can place winning bets without some effort. Here we will tell you about the most popular betting markets. When you feel that you are in your element, you can enlarge your knowledge and try something new. But in order to get there, you need to sign up and start to bet on football. Practice masters your skills like nothing else can.

3-way Betting

The simplest form of betting on football is 3-way betting. All you need to do here is to think about the most likely match outcome: win of the home team, win of the guest team, or a draw.

Double Chance Betting

This bet is also popular among football fans. You can bet on a draw and on one’s win at the same time. This is a perfect way for those who are unsure about their betting skills or for those who want to reduce risks. The odds are lower, but your chances to win are quite pleasant as they are higher compared to 3-way betting, for example.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting means that at the beginning of the match a team gets a handicap with + or – value. For example, the first team gets (+2,5): it means they are virtually given 2 goals before the game starts. It happens with teams that are considered weaker and might need a boost.

If you place a handicap bet on this team and the final score is 1:3, they actually lose the game but you win. It is because with the addition of a handicap your team wins 3,5:3.

Similarly, a handicap with a minus is given to stronger teams that are believed to win even with a few goals distracted from their result.

Half Time/Full Time

As it is clear from the name of this bet, you can predict the half time result and the match result in a single bet. You need to think of the team that is likely to be leading each time. In order to succeed, you need to know some history of teams, their weak and strong points.

Over/Under Betting

You need to predict whether the total sum of goals will be over or under a certain number. This match betting technique is also popular and is not hard to master. You can bet on goals, corners, cards, and so on.

Correct Score Betting

Keep in mind that this type of football match betting can be placed only during some big events. It is riskier than the previous types as you need to be really accurate with the numbers you predict.

There are tons of other markets available for football betting: you can predict specific events during the match (goal scored, penalties, yellow cards, etc), bet on teams to win or draw in half time and match, bet on winner of the championship, and many others. Betting markets can be different for different games, so come and check them on the Parimatch website!

Live Football Betting

You can not only make bets before the game but also when the game has already begun. This is a very popular form of betting as it is easier for people to understand the chance each team has of winning during the game. One drawback is that during the game, you don’t have much time to think or to read some analytics and analyze the results of previous matches. That is why it is better to come prepared anyway.

During the game, you can place 3-way, double chance, handicap, totals, half time, and full-time bets. There are some bets you can make only during the game, such as “Which team scores next?”.

Parlay Football Betting

This is the wager when two or more bets are combined together. This can be thought of as the next level for all bettors as parlays bring great risk along with great payouts. All your bets must win for you to win. If any of them loses, you will not get anything.

It can be really hurtful to have seven bets that have won and to see the last eighth one lost. However, the prize you can get for 8 winning bets in a parlay is no less than fantastic: it is because the odds here are multiplied on each other and on your bet. If you have mastered the simplest bets, why not try out something new? Start with 2 bets and enlarge this amount.

How to Develop a Proper Football Betting Strategy and Win

An essential thing you must understand in order to become a successful bettor is that it takes a considerable amount of time and effort. You will lose and learn from your mistakes. You need to have spare money for this kind of learning. That is why it is recommended to start with small amounts of money that you can easily lose.

You need to read a lot of analyses from experts and try to find your own tactic and strategy. Being observant will definitely help as you can learn from other’s failures and successes. Test your soccer or football betting strategy, and never be hesitant to change and improve it.

How Can You Bet on Football with Parimatch?

Parimatch is believed to be a website with one of the best odds and various forms of bets. The registration process is quick, and you can deposit and withdraw money within seconds.


The registration is simple. All you need is access to a valid phone number.

Parimatch registration

Make a Deposit

To make a deposit, go to the main menu and choose the preferable payment system.

Parimatch India Deposit

Find the Matches You Want to Bet On

Look through the screen and choose from a large variety of matches. It can be live one or some that are yet to come.

Football Betting - choose a match

Find the Best Bet Options for the Match

According to your experience and interests, you can choose any type of bet you want.

Place Football bets on Parimatch

Place a Bet!

In order to place a bet, you need to make a deposit. Once you have enough money in your account, just click on the bet you want to place and do it.

Btslip Football Betting Parimatch


So, what can be said about how to bet on football games in general and how to bet on football online with Parimatch?

  1. Making a profit takes time, energy, and money. If you are ready to come this way with all its ups and downs, there will be nothing to stop you from achieving your dream.
  2. There are numerous kinds of bets. It is better to begin with the simplest ones, and after you master them, go to the more complicated ones.
  3. Choose the right bookmaker that will support you with the right information and bonuses.
  4. Read a lot of articles and be observant. Start practising!
  5. Football betting can be exciting. Work out the strategy that will suit you, put your heart into it, and you are sure to earn as much as you want.
  6. Use some websites with statistics to help you to calculate your chances.

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Football Betting FAQ

Here are some questions that are most common among people who have just started to explore the world of online football betting.

What is the best football league to bet on?

It depends on your interests and the teams you support. Generally, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League as well as national championships such as German Bundesliga, English Premier League, Spanish La Liga are known to be the best.

How much money do you need to start football betting?

You can start betting with a rather small amount – the minimum deposit on Parimatch India is 10 INR.

How do I start betting on football online from India?

You can start just like in any other country. Register at a betting site, make your first deposit, and have fun!

How do I win every football match bet?

Well, even experts can lose sometimes, and it is okay. To win, in most cases, you need to follow expert football predictions, keep a betting record, always improve your knowledge about football, and choose wisely.

Which football betting site is the best?

Tastes differ, but according to millions of players, Parimatch is one of the best places you can start and go on with your betting career.

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