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The Mumbai Indians (MI) are a franchise cricket team competing in the Indian Premier League (IPL). Their popularity is unparalleled compared to other cricket teams in India, and it’s no wonder, considering their track record and countless achievements. The Mumbai Indians have left an everlasting impression in the hearts and minds of fans of the sport all over the world and are considered the best team in IPL.

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Mumbai Indians History

The Mumbai Indians was founded back in 2008. The MI team was formed and owned by IndiaWin Sports, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries.

They struggled during their first few seasons between 2008 and 2009. They won only five games, putting them in second-to-last place on the points table, but the team’s time to shine would come later.

It was after 2010 that the team would start their rise to success. The captain of the team was the first Indian to win the Orange Cap. The Mumbai Indians were defeated at the hands of CSK in the finals. But in 2011, the team would get a taste of victory, winning the Champions League T20 for the very first time.

Winning would become a familiar endeavor for the team. To this day, the Mumbai Indians are the only team to have won the IPL title five times. These victories occurred in 2013, when they also won a second Champions League T20 title, as well as in 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020.

MI Achievements in Championships

The first couple of seasons back in 2008 were not the brightest days of the MI team’s history. They started off by losing their first four games. While they did find some footing in later matches, it still wasn’t enough and they missed their chance to have a semi-final spot.

2009 started in the opposite way. After claiming victory over the Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians’ performance withered to the point where they ended in seventh place.

2010 would see the team climb the charts to the top of the points table along with qualifying for 2010 Champions League Twenty20. Unfortunately, the team was eliminated in the group stage.

A year later and the team qualified for the 2011 Champions League Twenty20, this time reaching the semi-finals. This year they went on to win their first title of Champions.

2013 was an eventful year. Mumbai Indian won the IPL title for the first time and the  Champions League T20 for the second time.

The team defeated the Chennai Super Kings and won their second IPL title in 2015. And the most fruitful years would come in 2019 and 2020, breaking records and becoming the most successful team in IPL history.

Mumbai Indians Team Statistics

As you can see in the chart below, the success of the Mumbai Indians was earned over the years. They weren’t a one-hit wonder when they first entered the field.

Instead, they crawled their way out of the mud and fought tooth and nail to reach the title of champions, not once, but five times over.

Year Total Wins Loses No Result % Win Position Summary
2008 14 7 7 0 50.00% 5 League Stage
2009 14 5 8 1 35.71% 7 League Stage
2010 16 11 5 0 68.75% 2 Finalists
2011 16 10 6 0 62.50% 3 Play-Offs
2012 17 10 7 0 58.82% 4 Play-Offs
2013 19 13 6 0 68.42% 1 Champions
2014 15 7 8 0 46.67% 4 Play-Offs
2015 16 10 6 0 62.50% 1 Champions
2016 14 7 7 0 50.00% 5 League Stage
2017 17 12 5 0 70.59% 1 Champions
2018 14 6 8 0 42.86% 5 League Stage
2019 16 11 5 0 68.75% 1 Champions
2020 16 11 5 0 68.75% 1 Champions
Total 204 120 83 1 58.82%

What will this year’s tournament bring to MI? We’re all curious to know but one thing is for sure: their IPL odds are super high. Let’s see how it goes!

Mumbai Indians Team Identity

The Mumbai Indians pride themselves on being the most popular team of the IPL, bringing record-breaking rankings to the first and second seasons. One would think that every TV set in India was showing their matches.

Mumbai Indians Logo

The Mumbai Indians symbol of recognition is their eye-catching logo. Originally, their name was set to be Mumbai Razors. This is the reason that their main image has a spinning razor over their name. The colors of the logo are taken directly from the Indian flag with a tint of blue mixed in for good measure.

Mumbai Indians Jersey

The team’s blue featured in their logo is the main color of their jerseys, with golden stripes on both sides. Their shade, amount of golden stripes, and design has changed ever so slightly over the years.

Team Song

The team is largely recognized by their distinctive and catchy theme song, “Duniya Hila Denge”. This popular tune’s name roughly translates to “The world will shake”, which is thematically appropriate considering the motto of the team is “Duniya Hila Denge Hum…”, which means “We will rock the world”.






Mumbai Indians Players

The Mumbai Indians squad is composed of some of the best players cricket has ever known, as well as the highest paid in the whole world. Here, you’ll find all the relevant information about these stars.

No. Name Nat Birth date Batting style Bowling style Signed year Salary
45 Rohit Sharma ?? 30 April 1987 (age 33) Right-handed Right-arm off break 2018 ₹15 crore (US$2.1 million)
77 Suryakumar Yadav ?? 14 September 1990 (age 30) Right-handed Right-arm medium 2018 ₹3.2 crore (US$449,000)
28 Anmolpreet Singh ?? 28 March 1998 (age 22) Right-handed Right-arm off break 2019 ₹80 lakh (US$112,000)
50 Chris Lynn ?? 10 April 1990 (age 30) Right-handed Slow left-arm orthodox 2020 ₹2 crore (US$280,000)
5 Saurabh Tiwary ?? 30 December 1989 (age 31) Left-handed Right-arm off break 2020 ₹50 lakh (US$70,000)
33 Hardik Pandya ?? 11 October 1993 (age 27) Right-handed Right-arm medium-fast 2018 ₹11 crore (US$1.5 million)
36 Krunal Pandya ?? 24 March 1991 (age 29) Left-handed Slow left-arm orthodox 2018 ₹8.8 crore (US$1.2 million)
55 Kieron Pollard ?? 12 May 1987 (age 33) Right-handed Right-arm medium-fast 2018 ₹5.4 crore (US$757,000)
6 Anukul Roy ?? 30 November 1998 (age 22) Left-handed Slow left-arm orthodox 2018 ₹20 lakh (US$28,000)
N/A Marco Jansen ?? 1 May 2000 (age 20) Right-handed Left-arm Fast 2021 ₹20 lakh (US$28,000)
N/A Piyush Chawla ?? 24 December 1988 (age 32) Left-handed Right-arm Leg break 2021 ₹2.4 crore (US$336,000)
N/A James Neesham ?? September 17, 1990 (age 30) Left-handed Right-arm medium 2021 ₹50 lakh (US$70,000)
N/A Yudhvir Singh ?? 13 September 1997 (age 23) Right-handed Right-arm medium-fast 2021 ₹20 lakh (US$28,000)
23 Ishan Kishan ?? 18 July 1998 (age 22) Left-handed 2018 ₹6.2 crore (US$869,000)
27 Aditya Tare ?? 7 November 1987 (age 33) Right-handed 2018 ₹20 lakh (US$28,000)
13 Quinton de Kock ?? 17 December 1992 (age 28) Left-handed 2019 ₹2.8 crore (US$393,000)
Spin Bowlers
1 Rahul Chahar ?? 4 August 1999 (age 21) Right-handed Right-arm leg break 2018 ₹1.9 crore (US$266,000)
19 Jayant Yadav ?? 22 January 1990 (age 31) Right-handed Right-arm off break 2019 ₹50 lakh (US$70,000)
Pace Bowlers
93 Jasprit Bumrah ?? 6 December 1993 (age 27) Right-handed Right-arm fast-medium 2018 ₹7 crore (US$981,400.00)
N/A Arjun Tendulkar ?? 24 September 1999 (age 21) Left-handed Left-arm medium 2021 ₹20 lakh (US$28,000)
18 Trent Boult ?? 22 July 1989 (age 31) Right-handed Left-arm fast 2020 ₹2.2 crore (US$310,000)
21 Dhawal Kulkarni ?? 10 December 1988 (age 32) Right-handed Right-arm medium-fast 2020 ₹75 lakh (US$105,000)
N/A Mohsin Khan ?? 15 July 1998 (age 22) Left-handed Left-arm medium-fast 2020 ₹20 lakh (US$28,000)
N/A Adam Milne ?? April 13, 1992 (age 28) Right-handed Right-arm Fast 2021 ₹3.4 crore (US$480,000)
N/A Nathan Coulter-Nile ?? October 11, 1987 (age 33) Right-handed Right-arm Fast 2021 ₹5 crore (US$700,000)

Mumbai Indians Captain

The current captain of the Mumbai Indians is Rohit Sharma. He was selected for captaincy in 2013 and was the one to lead the team to five IPL titles. This is no small feat by any means.

He’s mostly known for his aggressive, yet elegant play style, and plays as a right-handed batsman and occasionally as a right-arm off-break bowler.

Mumbai Indians Players’ Salaries

The BCCI awards players with different tiers of pay grades depending on the importance and skill of the player.

Grade A+ equals ₹7 crore (US$981,400), Grade A equals ₹5 crore (US$701,000), Grade B equals ₹3 crore (US$421,000), and Grade C equals ₹1 crore (US$140,000).

Rohit Sharma is the highest paid player on the team, earning ₹15 crore (US$2.1 million). Hardik Pandya earns the second highest salary at ₹11 crore (US$1.5 million), while Krunal Pandya earns the third highest salary at ₹8.8 crore (US$1.2 million).

Mumbai Indians Coaches

The Mumbai Indians have had a list of some of the most competent coaches in the sport. Starting with the rough first few seasons guided by Rajout and Pollock, to the team’s rise in popularity under Singh and Wright, to their current golden age when they were assigned Ricky Ponting and, consequently, Mahela Jayawardene.

The MI current coach, Mahela Jayawardene, was appointed before the 2017 season. He has played a significant role in the development of the team and their subsequent successes. The team beat the Rising Pune Supergiant, winning the 2017 Indian Premier League and Mahela would push the team further by repeating this in 2019 and 2020.

Mumbai Indians Owner

The Mumbai Indians owner is Nita Mukesh Ambani, born in Mumbai and founder of the Reliance Foundation. Her net worth is around US$80 billion, making the Ambanis one of the wealthiest families in the entire world.

She’s been prominently featured in magazines such as Forbes as one of the most influential female business leaders. This is no wonder considering that she holds the title of a first Indian woman to be a member of the International Olympic Committee.


The Mumbai Indians are the unquestionable stars of the IPL. Their track record proves as such, with amazing achievements under their belt and some of the best players that India has to offer in their rooster. It’s hard to not fall in love with the team. Find quotations of cricketers from MI and other teams in our dedicated article.

Their rough beginnings only show the sheer determination of all the parties involved to make the best out of their players and reach the levels of success that they did.

No wonder Mumbai Indians seem to be a good choice for IPL online betting. However, don’t wager blindly: have a look at other teams, consider their performance and only then place your bets.

IPL Contenders in 2021

We prepared articles about every team, participating in IPL 2021 :


Who is the best team in IPL?

The Mumbai Indians have been declared countless times as the best team in IPL history. Legends such as Abraham Benjamin “AB” de Villiers, who’s regarded as one of the best batsmen of all time, have been quoted saying as much. However, this title has been contended by the Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

Why do Mumbai Indian teams win?

The main focus of the Mumbai Indians throughout the years has been to create a solid foundation for their team by focusing on its players. Arguably, one of the main reasons why the Mumbai Indians have been able to smash their competition so easily over the years is because they’re willing to take risks. Grooming young players to become the best they can be early on is a risky strategy, but one that has proven to be efficient for the MI.

What are the best team players for Mumbai Indians?

Rohit Sharma has been slacking in the last few IPL tournaments, but fans have an eye on him as they’ve seen what he can do in the field. His potential to become a key player this season is high.

Jasprit Bumrah is regarded as the best death bowler of India. The MI has relied on him for a while now and it’s safe to say they will be relying on him once again.

Kieron Pollard’s leadership skills are nothing to scoff at. He has dedicated well over a decade to the team, and he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Who is the owner of Mumbai Indians?

Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani, a married couple who are both directors of Reliance Industries and owners of the Indian Premier League cricket team.

Who is the captain of Mumbai Indians?

Rohit Sharma is the current captain of the Mumbai Indians. With several team victories under his captaincy, it’s hard to imagine anyone else leading the team in their golden years.

How can I become a member of Mumbai Indians?

Not too long ago, the Mumbai Indians introduced Membership cards and Fan boxes for MI fans.

This membership program is divided into three tiers: Blue Tier, Silver Tier, and Gold Tier.

Each tier has its benefits, but the most premium Gold Tier Membership offers a match replica Mumbai Indians jersey T-shirt, a miniature signed cricket bat and ball, and discounts on MI merchandise, and a lot more.

You may sign up for a User Account on their program if you are eighteen (18) years old, have a permanent place of residence in India, have a valid email address and mobile number, and adhere to the Terms and Conditions of the program.

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