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Kabaddi game was born in India and is the oldest team game in Asia, which is at least 4 thousand years old! Since 1990, this species has been included in the program of the Asian Games. If you are a kabaddi fan and want to place bets on this exciting sport — Parimatch is the right place to do it!

If we talk about the essence of this sport, then it is a kind of mixture of wrestling and catch-up.

The Pro Kabaddi League and Super Kabaddi are the two most popular kabaddi leagues in India. Other popular kabaddi competitions in Asia are the Kabaddi World Cup, Kabaddi Workshops, and the Asian Kabaddi Cup organized by the International Kabaddi Federation.

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Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips Free

Next, we will take a closer look at the rules of the game, online kabaddi betting, and also find out the most popular kabaddi betting tips.

Short kabaddi rules

The game in kabaddi involves two teams of 12 players each (7 on the field and 5 in the reserve). The opponents occupy two opposite sides of the playing field 12.5 m by 10 m, separated in the middle by a line. The game begins with the fact that one of the teams sends an “invader” to the other side. While there, he continuously shouts “Kabaddi! Kabaddi!”. On the territory of rivals, the “invader” can be while shouting without catching his breath. The screaming player’s task is to touch one of the opponents with his hand or foot and run away to his part of the playing field. If the “invader” needs to catch his breath, he must run away, since opponents at this moment can grab him.

As the game progresses, teams lose players, and the winner is the one that makes the opponents lose all athletes. Since 2004, four world championships have been held, the Indian national team has invariably won all the finals.

Next, we’ll take a look at kabaddi free betting tips.

One loss is not the end of the game

Playing and doing kabaddi prediction is for personal enjoyment. But it should be borne in the mind that the loss is real, and you do not need to give up right away. But you don’t need to take it seriously either. Best of all, betting is just a hobby. At the very least, this will allow you to place your bets reasonably, to develop your analyst’s abilities. Experts advise placing bets on an amount not exceeding 15% of what is supposed to be spent.

Place bets on the amount you are not sorry to lose

The next of the online betting tips kabaddi says that you need to place a bet on the amount that is not a pity to lose. The main thing is not to get excited, and after the first win not to raise the rate. The same goes for losing. Making a bet on a large amount with high odds after a loss is a mistake many beginners make. Experts recommend keeping personal statistics on bets. You can find a similar section on the websites of bookmakers in your personal account. It will be wise.

Learn to analyze information

It is necessary to learn how to work with information. Belief in a team’s victory is by no means a guarantee of winning. Patience, the correct perception of the information available to the player, a sober, statistically confirmed assessment of the team is what is necessary in order for you to be able to make a winning kabaddi online betting. It is also worth listening to the advice of experienced bettors, not just professional analysts and experts.

Vivo Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips

The Vivo Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) was inspired by domestic tournaments such as the Indian Premier League, one of the best cricket tournaments in the world, and the Indian Super League.

The league was created so that kabaddi players can demonstrate their talent and the true potential of the game itself. The Pro Kabaddi League has been able to bring the sport into the spotlight as well as expand its desired value. Kabaddi, which used to be considered the “heart of Hindi”, now attracts great interest among the townspeople.

Now let’s move on to free pro kabaddi betting tips.

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Team form

The first of the pro kabaddi league betting tips says that you should know the form of the two teams leading in the match and their records. You should also consider the rivalry as, like soccer betting, kabaddi rivalry is critical if you want to make the winning kabaddi prediction today for the Pro Kabaddi League

Past Champions

The next of pro kabaddi today match betting tips is that you should pay attention to which teams were previously champions. The Patna Pirates have been the most Kabaddi champions ever. They became three-time champions, winning three times in a row (January 2016, June 2016, and 2017). The fact that this team has become the champion several times in a row is undoubtedly an important force, and when it comes to Pro Kabaddi League betting, their dominance on the court should be respected.

For example, Pardeep Narwhal, a former raider of the Patna Pirates (now with UP Yoddha), has reserved the most points, the most raid points, and the most successful raids of all seasons for his name.

Dark horses

The last of the pro kabaddi betting tips today is that you should pay attention to dark horses. The odds of the Pro Kabaddi League betting depend on the interest the match is generating. The favorites tend to have lower odds, while the dark horses will have higher stakes. These are the teams that can outsmart the strengths and get ahead in the title race.

Keep in mind that fighting the outsiders – whether it’s Pro Kabaddi League betting or sports in general — is always profitable.

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Kabaddi FAQ

How do you bet on kabaddi?

  • Be sure to study the history of teams and players, take an interest in their paces and injuries
  • Find out what the weather will be on the day of the match
  • Find out all the possible conditions of the upcoming game

Perhaps taking into account all these data, you will change your mind about the winner and do it for the benefit of your bet.

How to bet kabaddi?

There are all the same types of bets for kabaddi as for any other sport. Please check the full team history and conditions for the upcoming match before placing your bet. This way you can minimize the risk of losing your bet. We also recommend choosing a betting strategy for yourself in order to protect your money in the long term.

What is the best kabaddi betting site?

Parimatch is the best betting platform for kabaddi and any other sports. We provide a wide range of bet types as well as the most competitive odds on the market. In addition, the Parimatch platform has an amazing mobile app that will allow you to place bets on your favorite teams wherever you are.


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