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When browsing the web, you’ll find many posts discussing the status of gambling and sports betting in India. Some of these articles say that online betting is legal in India whereas others say that it’s not as easy as it seems to be. When it comes to sports betting in India, your main goal is to learn if this option is legal in your country and if you don’t go against the law while betting on football, cricket, or any other sport.

In general, online gambling is legal in India, but this is where a lot depends on the state where you live. Laws vary from state to state and at this very moment, only a few states in India have laws that prohibit punters from betting on sports. Well, is online sports betting legal in India? Can sports fans place online bets in India? In this all-encompassing post, we’ll take a deeper look at this issue and find out whether online betting is legal or not in India. Get comfortable and keep reading!

Is Online Cricket Betting Legal in India?

Well, you have the question — is any online sports betting legal in India? So far, this country doesn’t have any federal laws that prohibit sports betting. However, you have to remember that absolutely each state in India has the right to set its own rules. Today, there are a few states that don’t allow online gambling and sports betting. Nevertheless, no one can prohibit the use of international sports betting websites. No one can come to your home, take your smartphone and check what mobile apps you are using. Therefore, if you are a dedicated football or cricket fan, go to Parimatch and enjoy sports betting at reputable international sports betting website. Online cricket betting is legal in India, so don’t miss your chance to earn some cash!

Is Betting Online Legal in India: Overall Situation

It goes without saying that before you immerse yourself in online betting or online gambling, you need to learn more about the laws in India and make sure you don’t go against them. Let’s get back to history and try to analyze how it all began.

The thing is that the legal situation related to gambling and sports betting websites is still unclear in this country. The public Gambling Act of gambling in India was released in 1867. However, there’s no reference to online sports betting and gambling websites. Therefore, we can say that officially online gambling is not prohibited in India. This means that bookmaker activities through websites are allowed.

The concept of sports betting is not new in this country. Moreover, the history goes back to the Mughal period. They used special gambling boards for playing. Some historians consider it was a game of chess whereas others think it was dice.

If you have a look at the prehistoric manuscripts, you’ll see that in the era of Ramayana, betting and gambling were extremely popular. And these games were most popular among kings that kept their valuable belongings at a stake as this increased the thrill and excitement.

But time moves on and there came a period when games with animal performances became even more popular. In the 15th century, gambling became more organized and the kings got the right to get the highest profit from horse races. Moreover, this was the time when the most popular Indian casino games were created.

Well, is betting legal in India? What about online betting in India? This is where a lot depends on the state where you are living because some of them impose specific restrictions. In any case, you have the right to use international gambling websites and play your favorite games of chance or bet on sports there.

Is Online Betting is Legal in India: the Different States

Well, the question is — is online sports betting legal in India? As we have already mentioned, there’s a territorial legislative regulation in India. In other words, each Indian state has the right to set its own laws. So, where is online sports betting legal in India? Let’s analyze this issue in greater detail, see how it all works in India and finally check whether online betting in India is legal or not.

Is online betting legal in Karnataka?

According to the Karnataka State Police Act, land-based gambling casinos are banned. However, online gambling is not prohibited. Last year, the government of this state struck down the gambling laws that banned sports betting.

Is online betting legal in Maharashtra?

Online gambling is in a gray area in Maharashtra. However, online lotteries are legal.

Is online betting legal in Telangana?

According to the Telangana Gambling Act that was released in 2017, there’s a ban on casinos. Statistically, this state has the most hostile laws against gambling and online betting. Only lotteries are allowed in this state. Nevertheless, online betting is legal in Telangana only if you use international gambling websites such as Parimatch.

Is online betting legal in West Bengal?

In West Bengal, it is allowed to play lotteries, classic card games, and bet on horses. Surely, this state also has a dedicated gambling act, but online gambling is not mentioned there. This means that you don’t break the law if you use an international gambling website.

Is online betting legal in Andhra Pradesh?

According to the Andhra Pradesh Gambling Act, all forms of gambling are banned in this state. Online gambling is also included. However, we couldn’t find information about anyone who violated the law and was penalized.

Is online betting legal in Uttar Pradesh?

All forms of offline betting are banned in Uttar Pradesh. However, online betting and gambling are not mentioned in their act.

Is online betting legal in Tamilnadu?

Last year, the court struck down the laws that banned playing such games as poker with stakes or rummy. Nevertheless, no one can forbid the use of international gambling websites where you can immerse yourself in online gaming and sports betting.

Is online betting legal in Delhi?

According to the Delhi Public Gambling Act, underground casinos are restricted. Both online and offline gambling is considered illegal in this state.

Finally: Online Betting is Legal or Illegal?

Well, it is time to find out whether online betting is legal or illegal in India. All in all, we can make a conclusion that online betting is legal in India. According to the public gambling act, offline betting is restricted in some states. However, online gambling is allowed. In any case, to avoid any issues, you should better deal with licensed gambling websites. These platforms are regulated by international laws and guarantee safe online gambling and sports betting. This is where you can play a game of skill or online slot and be sure that you’ll get your payouts on time.

If you are looking for a time-proven and reputable gambling website, Parimatch might be the place to go. It’s a legal sports betting platform licensed by Curacao Gaming. Moreover, Parimatch has already been in the area of gambling for 27 years and has a solid reputation on the web. Thousands of positive reviews from real users can prove this!

Overall, there’s no need to break the law in India to play your favorite casino games or make sports bets. All that you need to do is to choose a reputable website with a solid reputation and an array of betting options. Parimatch is the best option in this case!

Choosing Safe Betting Sites in India

Remember that your success in sports betting greatly depends on the chosen online bookmaker. When dealing with trusted and time-proven websites, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy betting, get some perks, and get your winnings on time. Parimatch is a reliable bookmaker with many years of field experience. And you can see it for yourself after you look through our customers’ reviews.

Beyond this, Parimatch also has an array of betting options. Here, you can bet on cricket, football, basketball, boxing, virtual sports, and many other sports. Besides, we have a huge collection of betting markets and offer bonuses for new and regular players.

If you prefer betting on the go, you can download our mobile app and place sports bets whenever and wherever you are. Overall, Parimatch is a perfect sports betting platform with an array of opportunities. And what is even more important is that when choosing Parimatch, you don’t violate the law in India! Betting in India is legal, you only need to choose the right online sports betting space!

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