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Cricket in India and the subcontinent is not just a game but an event where almost everyone participates. When we say so, the fact that cricketers receive love and affection in unmatching volume becomes evident. While some look at them as an inspiration to play the game, others consider them to offer the motivation of tasting success.

With so many big names making it to the headlines every other day, dedicating and sticking to a favourite cricketer can be a bit tricky. But not anymore. After days of research, we bring you the most favourite cricketers who deserve to be on your list of all-time dearest.

Hey Google Who Is Your Favourite Cricketer?

So, Google, who is your favourite cricketer? MS Dhoni is one name that stands out tall when we talk about the modern-day mass favourite cricket players. Not only in India, but across every nation where people harbor a love for the game of cricket have been found cherishing MS Dhoni in multiple instances.

In case you remember, back in 2012, the power-hitter Afghan wicketkeeper revealed being a ‘big fan’ of Dhoni. He mentioned molding his game a lot around MS Dhoni. He also admitted to having practiced the trademark helicopter shot with a view of mastering the same as Dhoni does.

The answer to why MS Dhoni is the mass favourite player can be many. However, to help you understand and decide if he sits on your list of “my favourite cricketers” or not, let’s look at some factors that make him an exceptional athlete.

  • He is one of the best players international cricket has ever witnessed. With a batting average of over 50 in limited-overs cricket, that is too batting down the order, you already know how special he is.
  • MS Dhoni is undoubtedly the most successful skipper. As the captain of the Indian cricket team, he bagged everything you can ever ask for.  ICC World Twenty20 in 2007, ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011, and the ICC Champions Trophy in 2013. India has also won two Asian titles in 2010 and 2016 under MS Dhoni.
  • He knows how to keep it cool. While the game of cricket heats up real quick, MS Dhoni bags the ability to maintain his composure and drive his team towards the end goal. This is one of the reasons he is often termed the “Captain Cool.” Experts all around the globe consider this very nature to have played a pivotal role in what MS Dhoni has delivered successfully over the years.

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OK Google Who Is My Favourite Cricketer?

The answer is simple: Virat Kohli. The name isn’t new for anyone who has the nudge of following the game of cricket. Being compared to the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar, the world already knows what potential Virat Run-Machine Kohli packs under his belt.

With Kohli, you’re actually looking at a once-in-a-generation cricketer who is cherished for being a self-made man who integrates loyalty with the desire to work hard. Over the days, his perseverance and dedication to the game helped him reach the point where he is not only a favourite but only an inspiration to many.

  • He is the complete batsman, and numbers speak in his favor. Whether we talk of ODIs, T20s, or test Cricket, Virat Kohli has proved his worth time and time again. It is one of the reasons why pundits across the globe list ‘Chiku’ (V.Kohli) as the complete modern-day batsman.
  • He is the run chase maestro. Not once, not twice, but there were multiple instances when Kohli ended up taking his team across the finishing line.
  • Apart from mind-blowing numbers, the crown jewel of Virat Kohli’s greatness rests in his ability to maintain the level of discipline others find challenging to deal with. Not just playing cricket, Kohli has earned the reputation of maintaining top-notch fitness over the years. As already mentioned, Virat Kohli is imaged as an inspiration to many, not just as a cricketer but as someone who knows how the game of determination is being played.

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Google Who Is Your Favourite Cricketer?

Rich in astounding numbers, Rohit Sharma is a favourite cricketer to many across the nation. Sheltering the record for the highest individual score in ODI cricket, 264 Ro-Hitman Sharma is rightly termed an all-time great. Whether we talk about the limited-overs game in the international or the domestic circuit, Rohit Sharma is among the names who bag the ability to lead the team to victory.

Besides being a fabulous batsman, he has also been a forceful leader. So many IPL titles for Mumbai Indians already explain the tale. Talking about IPL, though, at Parimatch, you can bet on the skills offered by Rohit Sharma and improve your chances of winning. Coming back to Rohit, here are some reasons why he is the favourite one.

  • He significantly adds the talent quotient to the team. Rohit Sharma’s availability alone is enough to offer all sorts of positive impacts on the overall team’s performance.
  • He tends to transform into the required scapegoat when the team calls for the same. No doubt, the style of playing is awe-inspiring and superior to many.
  • While Indian cricketers are known to struggle against short-pitched deliveries, Rohit seems to enjoy sending those out of the park.
  • Not just a brilliant cricketer, Rohit bags a generous nature, enough to fall in love with.

Hey Google Who Is My Favourite Cricketer?

Chances are your favourite cricketer is Jasprit Bumrah. While most of the time, we find ourselves busy listing the most loved batsman, there are those for whom a bowler takes the first position. Speaking of bowlers, Indian cricket has gifted the likes of Kapil Dev, Anil Kumble, Zaheer Khan, and more. They all have been greats of their time, but when we run through the modern era, one name that grabs most of the attention for all good reasons is Jasprit Bumrah.

The IPL-recognized talent soon took the international stage with a bang. Being able to bowl toe-crushing Yorkers, Jasprit Bumrah became the national frontline pacer in no time. Not just the ability to take wickets but the capability of restricting opponents from scoring runs freely presents Bumrah as an asset over others.

Reasons why Bumrah can be the favourite cricketer:

  • Bumrah is one of the quickest Indian pacers. The fastest delivery he bowled was somewhere around 148.1 kmph. Being flexible and versatile, Bumrah seamlessly adapts to the situation and acts according to the match scenario. In short, an all-round performer.
  • Jasprit is consistent and knows how to deliver the requisites. The number of times his effort carried India to victory is significant.
  • A death specialist, Bumrah is capable of restricting batsmen from scoring at ease. According to a number of modern-day batsmen, it is challenging to score against the lethal yorkers Bumrah comes up with every now and then.

Who Is Your Favourite Cricketer Google?

In case you’re an old-school cricket lover, it won’t be a hard task guessing that your all-time favourite cricketer is Sachin Tendulkar. The reason we all love Sachin isn’t limited to one or two; in fact, there are many. Popular as the God of Cricket, the title itself portrays Sachin’s impact and image in the world of cricket.

Having passed more than 20 years serving the nation with his skills, Sachin successfully impacted the game in various ways. Not just runs and records, he is also the one who harvested the urge and feeling among a thousand others to love the game and carry the will to be the next Sachin.

Although it is needless to say why Sachin Tendulkar is the favourite cricketer of millions across the globe, here are a few you should know.

  • Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has the most number of runs in both Test and ODIs. With nearly 16000 runs in limited overs games and more than 18000 in Tests, the numbers are indeed tough to match.
  • The only cricketer to have scored 100 100s, Sachin remains the threshold to reach, especially when it’s about scoring tons.
  • Sachin is among the few players who’ve brought the much-needed change. He is one of the forces behind evolution. It won’t be wrong to say that, besides being the best, Sachin is the one most humble cricketers of all time.

Who’s Your Favourite Cricket Player?

My favourite cricketer is Virat Kohli. He is not just the best T20 batsman in the world but probably the greatest batsman of all time across all three formats. In 322 T20 innings, Kohli amassed 10,509 runs at an average of 40.11, with a top score of 113 and a strike rate of 132.72.


Google is the place people tend to visit to gather information on various topics, and cricket is no exception. Every day, thousands of searches are being made asking about the favourite IPL teams, most loved cricketers, and more. No wonder you’re here for something similar.

In this piece, we’ve tried sorting the list of favourite cricket players in the most appealing manner. The likes of MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma are loved by millions, no doubt, for all good reasons, and you might end up having similar sort of feelings. Walking through this article will not only help decide the most loved cricket player but will also aid in bagging crucial information about the same.

Once you get all the information sorted, online betting will be more efficient than before. At Parimatch, we not only ensure our users’ top-notch convenience but, loaded with tips and necessary knowledge, arrange them in the most promising winning position.

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