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Esports betting is no different from its traditional counterpart: you place match predictions and gain profit if it wins. But how can you maximize your chances of victory? With reliable betting predictions, of course!

In this article, we will teach you how to make working Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) wagering predictions with the help of our CSGO betting tips. You won’t need anything except for Internet access and some time for research. Read on to find out valuable betting tips from one the best of betting websites Parimatch and get ready to win big!

Making CS: GO Betting Predictions

When seeking betting tips, you want to deal with a competent advisor who is immersed in the field. Parimatch fits the role as the sportsbook is actively engaged in CS: GO. We are an official partner of the Fnatic CS: GO team, which is among the leaders in the game tournaments. Besides Fnatic, Parimatch also supports, HellRaisers, and a number of other teams. Years of CSGO betting analysis allow us to provide valuable CSGO betting predictions and tips.

Once you are done with predictions, it’s time to place a bet and check your analytical skills and luck. So the Parimatch platform team wants to give you some CSGO betting advice. Try betting on CS: GO with Parimatch!

1. Choose an Event and Note the Participants

So, you found the upcoming event you want to bet on. Now is the time to start your analysis. The first thing is to see who the participants are. Consider their roster and gaming history, such as how many CS: GO matches they have already played and who they competed against. This data serves as the basis for further investigation.

2. Study the Teams and Analyze Their History

To make CSGO predictions that are as precise as possible, you need to drill into the history of both opponents after you choose the exact match. You need to learn the following data:

  • When and where the teams competed
  • Who won

This helps you assess who has a higher chance of gaining a victory this time. However, don’t rush to rely on these data only. There are many more details, like changes in the roster, that shape the likelihood of success.

3. Investigate Each Team and Player Statistics

CSGO match predictions highly depend on the statistics of a particular team. Here is what data is worth gathering:

  • The overall number of played matches
  • The overall number of victories/losses
  • The performance line (depicts a positive or negative trend for the twelve latest games based on Counter-Strike match outcomes)
  • Each player performance (including contribution to the victory, the number of kills, objective control, pistol victories)

4. Rely on Figures

Statistics speak volumes in CS: GO betting correct predictions. That’s why you need to calculate the win/loss ratio for each team for the last five and ten matches. It’s vital to focus on both as a five-match timeframe indicates a short-term trend, while a ten-match timeframe is for a long-term one. You can source the data on the GosuGamers CS: GO ranking page, where the performance line for each team is presented.

5. Follow Roster Updates

Since it’s all about players and their performance, roster changes can majorly affect the match outcome. If there are any changes, you need to assess the contribution of a withdrawn player and the personal stats of the new one to make more accurate predictions on the CSGO matches.

6. Take the Maps Factor into Account

With CS: GO offering several maps, they play a major role. That’s why you need to assess the team’s performance on the map it will compete on for this match. It also makes sense to identify the top maps where the team showed the best results to know which matches to focus on when making a bet.

7. Don’t Forget about the Odds

Odds are the result of a thorough professional analysis that takes into account numerous factors to provide highly accurate betting predictions. Since Parimatch has deep expertise in CS: GO, the odds can become a useful hint. However, there is no guarantee of an outcome. So, consider CSGO match predictions on underdogs, as well.

8. Compare Your Predictions to Tipsters

It never hurts to compare several opinions. Considering professional analysts’ opinions is a great complement to your CS: GO predictions. Don’t limit your choice to only one tipster: find as many as possible to see a complete picture.

9. Aggregate the Data in the Table

To comprehend and analyze the data faster and easier, we advise creating a table. It should include all the key information about two teams like:

  • Performance line
  • Statistics for the last five/ten matches
  • Performance line
  • Key players
  • Win/loss ratio

After doing it, you will be able to predict the results of the CS: GO match quickly.

Time to Place Your CS: GO Bets!

So, how do you make CS: GO wagering predictions? Choose the event and a particular match, analyze the history of the teams, and assess the performance of each team and player separately. Don’t forget to look at the roster and consider the changes. Combine all the data and make the final decision.

Now that you have an idea who the winner will be, it’s time to place a bet! Bet on Parimatch – the sportsbook that covers a lot of top CS: GO events and offers the best odds!

How to Bet on CS: GO Online with Parimatch?

If you are new to one of the best betting sites Parimatch, you need a guide that will instruct you on how to start wagering on the sportsbook.

1. Registration

You can register via an official Parimatch website. Go to, click “Sign up” in the top right corner, fill in the required data (you can provide either an email or a phone number), and click “Sign up”.

Parimatch registration

2. Make a Deposit

When you log into your account, click on “Deposit” in the top right corner. Choose the preferred banking system and make your first deposit on Parimatch now!

Parimatch India Deposit

Find the Game You Want to Bet On

On the main page, you will find categories to browse: go to the “Sports” menu, and you will see a list of sports categories. Choose “Esports”, click a “Filter” button, proceed to “Counter-Strike” and navigate through the events. You can bet live (on the games that are in progress) and on the upcoming events.

CS: GO Betting on Parimatch IndiaFind the Best Bet Options for the Match

Once you decide on the event, explore all the bets to make, and find the most lucrative one. For example, in CS: GO, you can bet on the winner, handicaps, totals, race to 5 rounds, etc.

Bet on CS: GO in Parimatch India

Place a Bet!

Choose the bet and place it: click on it, specify the bet amount, and click “Place a bet.” You can also unite a few bets in a parlay or a system.

Parimatch India - bet on Esports

To Conclude

Betting on CS: GO can be more fun with Parimatch. First, make betting predictions based on the provided tips. Then, start placing bets to enjoy the esports events even more! Also, you can place bets on other sports on Parimatch. And we have many promotions that will allow you to make free bets (bonus money that allows you to place free bet stakes. Free bets valid if you followed all the rules). You can do football free bets or E-sports free bets. The choice is on you! Besides, you can visit our Online Casino and win big. Don’t forget to check the casino bonus! May the odds be in your favor!

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How do I start betting on CS: GO?

To start betting on CS: GO with Parimatch, you need to register on the website or in an app, make a deposit, choose the game and the bet type you prefer.

Why is CS: GO betting so popular?

CS: GO betting predictions are popular because it’s a perfect competitive game for fans who want to spice up their experience.

Is CS: GO betting profitable?

Yes, CS: GO is profitable if you make rather accurate wagering predictions and choose the best odds on Parimatch. You can bet long before the game or during the event.

How many teams are in the CS: GO tournament?

The number of teams varies from tournament to tournament. For example, in IEM Summer 2021, there were 16 teams, while the EPL: Season 14 Malta included 24 teams.

What is the best bet on CS: GO?

CS: GO offers many bets, where each can be profitable. Many consider straight wins bets the best as they’re the simplest.

What are CS: GO betting odds?

Parimatch offers attractive betting odds for CS: GO for any event. It means that you can make a better profit compared to those betting on other platforms.

Which CS: GO bets are easier to predict?

It depends on the teams: if they have a long history, and Team A always won against Team B, then it’s likely to be the easiest bet to predict.


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