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Upcoming Ind vs NZ Cricket Matches

Team India had the India tour of New Zealand with 3 ODI matches scheduled during March 2022, but circumstances postponed the match and now they have a White-Ball series consisting of 3 T20I and 3 ODIs, respectively.

This series is scheduled to be after the eventful T20 World Cup. Until then, there is no T20 World Cup match scheduled between India and New Zealand. The highest probability that the 2 teams may play is mostly at the Super 12 matches and maybe at the qualifier.

As the T20 World Cup ends on November 13th, the White-Ball series, aka the India tour of New Zealand, commences 5 days later; i.e. on the 18th of November. The series is known to be held for 12 days, from 18th to 30th of November constituting 6 matches in this time period. The NZC has stated that Team India will go against the Black Caps during the White-Ball series.

Format Date Venue Odds
T20I 1 of 3 18 Nov 2022 Sky Stadium, Wellington Check odds
T20I 2 of 3 20 Nov 2022 Bay Oval, Mount Maunganui Check odds
T20I 3 of 3 22 Nov 2022 Mclean Park, Napier Check odds
ODI 1 of 3 25 Nov 2022 Eden Park, Auckland Check odds
ODI 2 of 3 27 Nov 2022 Seddon Park, Hamilton Check odds
ODI 3 of 3 30 Nov 2022 Hagley Oval, Christchurch Check odds

India Team Squad for the White-Ball Series

With Kohli gone down and out from the current series, and having Rohit Sharma as the captain leading the home team, we hope for nothing but the best since the squad for the series has still not been announced.

Hardik Pandya, although an amazing batsman, makes us wonder when he will be ready to handle 10 overs of bowling for ODI formats.

Considering team India’s form is getting into a red zone, coach Rahul Dravid has stated that there will be a review of all matters before the T20 World Cup. This could easily mean that the key players of the former series will be important for the White-Ball series against NZ too – considering the commencing date is less than a week away.

New Zealand Team Squad for the White-Ball Series

The Kiwi team for the White-Ball series this year still has not been announced. Currently, it is known that Adam Milne cannot play for at least 2 months due to the Achilles tendon injury he got recently. So, we hope to see him in the game if not in the T20 World Cup series.

Speaking of the team’s form this year, one may say it’s neither been in great shape nor in great spirits. 6 key players amongst the entire squad were off the grid for some time. The recent games with Ireland were tense and the team managed a narrow win.

Ind vs NZ Key Players – Team India

1. Hardik Pandya

He is an asset India cannot afford to lose. He’s maintained his finesse since his debut. He has a record of 107 matches, 1963 runs, and 50 wickets under his belt. The right-handed all-rounder is of prime essence for India’s victory in ICC T20.

2. Yuzvendra Chahal

Chahal is a right-arm leg-spinner and is one of the top-class leg spinners in the history of cricket. His form and performance will be crucial to Team India. He’s been the recipient of the purple cap during the IPL 2022 and shows how proficient of a player he is.

3. Rishabh Pant

The 24-year-old, left-handed batsman has proved his worth. He has played over 200 matches and has scored over 600o runs in all formats of cricket. The young promising cricketer is a delight to watch when he’s on the field.

Ind vs NZ Key Players – Team New Zealand

1. Kane Williamson

An excellent batsman in today’s era, Kane Williamson has done more than enough so far to justify himself as one of New Zealand’s finest cricketers of all time. He’s led New Zealand to the semi-finals of the 2008 U-19 World Cup in Malaysia. Currently, the skipper of New Zealand has 2021 T20I runs.

2. Ross Taylor

This kiwi bloke is an unsung hero of the NZ cricket team. Having played over 500 innings in all formats, he has over 7000 runs in Tests, 8000 runs in ODIs, and close to 2000 runs in T20I matches. His form and performance will deeply affect the NZ cricket team during the White-Ball series

3. Matin Guptill

Having played almost 400 innings in his career, Martin has proved himself as an asset to NZ. His ability to handle spinners and pacers when he’s in the zone. It is extremely credible for NZ that he can lead the Kiwis to victory

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The White-Ball series between India and New Zealand is scheduled to occur 5 days after the T20 World Cup: on 18th November with 3 ODIs and 3 T20Is, respectively. The 6 matches will be played throughout NZ in 6 different stadiums and will end in 12 days, i.e. 30th November.

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Ind vs NZ FAQs

Where can I watch the White-Ball series?

The White-Ball series will be available on Disney+Hotstar for the Indian Subcontinent. You get special highlights from the game along with the feature to watch the previous games.

How do I bet on Ind vs NZ match?

Simply create or log into your account. Make a deposit, select a sport, and choose your team. A dialog box is present for you, on your home screen to place your bets.

Where can I find the live scores for the game?

Parimatch gives you not only a chance to place bets but also gives you the live scores to keep you updated at all times.

Did the India tour of New Zealand happen in March?

No, the tour was postponed due to circumstances and now the tour consists of ODIs and T20Is instead of just 3 ODIs that were primarily scheduled.

When is the India tour of New Zealand scheduled for this year?

In November. It commences on 18th Nov, which is 5 days after the T20 World Cup finals.

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