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You don’t need to have a Philosophy degree to make sports bets, but if you want to earn money on professional sports betting, you need to follow sports betting strategies that work.

If you are a newbie in this area, you simply can’t do without the right betting system that might help you save a lot of money and place only winning bets. With this comprehensive guide by Parimatch, you’ll undoubtedly improve your betting skills and learn how to place the best bets.

We’ll show how to shop for the most lucrative odds, analyze time-proven sports betting systems, and provide you with insightful pieces of advice on how to get the best return.

However, betting is also about luck! Choosing the right betting strategy might double your chances to win, but you have to bear in mind that sports betting is a matter of luck as well.

Safe and Effective Betting Strategies

As we have already mentioned, successful punters simply can’t do without betting strategies. If your endgame is to maximize your profit and reduce losses, you have to be no stranger to the chosen sport, develop your own betting strategies that work and might improve your chances to win. Check up the main benefits of betting strategies:

  • They improve your chances to win;
  • They allow newbies to avoid typical mistakes;
  • They allow you to take into consideration many outside factors that might influence the course of the game;
  • They save you money.

However, finding the right betting strategy is quite challenging. The thing is that we all are different and finding the only effective system that fits your goals is not easy. Some punters depend on their budget whereas others are ready to bet thousands of INR to make a winning bet. So let’s take a deeper look at the best sports betting systems!

Have you ever tried using betting or gambling strategies?

Sports Betting Strategies

It would take hours to sift through a variety of betting strategies that you can find online. That’s why we decided to create this comprehensive guide for you to save your time and make the right choice faster. Remember that successful punters have many years of experience in this niche, know everything about the teams, players, and consider even minor aspects like weather or astrological forecasts before they wager on this or that team. So if you are chomping at the bit to start your betting career, make sure you are no stranger to the below-listed betting strategies. And believe in the actions you are about to take!

Focus on Single Bets

What is a single bet? It is an individual wager that depends on the results of a single match. It’s also known as a straight bet.

So far, it’s one of the best ways to wager on various sports events. Here, you need to choose the money line, point spread, or total in a match. For example, you have two basketball teams that are going to play against each other. If you bet on one team -7 against the other one and the team wins 28-20, this means you cover the spread and have a winning bet. If the outcome of the game is 28-24, unfortunately, you don’t cover the spread and lose your bet.

Parlay Betting Strategy

It’s another well-known form of sports betting. Inexperienced punters love it most of all as it’s very easy to understand. It’s a way to group single bets into one wager. Due to this, the payout is much bigger as all the odds get multiplied together. However, in this case, all selected teams must win. Such bets are usually tempting as they offer big payouts. If any of the chosen bets in a parlay loses, the entire bet also loses. But if all teams win, you’ll get a good income.

System Betting Strategy

Some punters prefer using this betting system as it also offers numerous benefits. It’s a bet type where you have to choose a few teams, but in such a scenario, there’s no need for all of your chosen teams to actually win. Without further ado, the risk is lower as compared to the previous bet, but unfortunately, the same is for your future profit. However, professional bettors prefer using this strategy with very risky games. Yes, you can make a mistake and predict the outcome of some matches incorrectly, but you still can make some profit thanks to high odds.

Double Chance Betting

When choosing this bet type, you wager on the two possible outcomes of a game out of three. In such a scenario, you have more chances to win, but the odds are usually lower. The main reason why punters choose it is that they have a chance to bet in this market regardless of whether they back favorites or underdogs.

In the event you bet on a football game, you have three outcomes:

  • A home team wins;
  • Visitors win;
  • The match ends with level scores.

But when you choose a double chance bet, you’ll improve the chances of winning by combining two of the three results in a single bet.

The Zig-Zag Theory

This betting strategy originated over 40 years ago thanks to a popular handicapper Tony Salinas. Currently, it’s one of the most popular betting strategies in India. When choosing this theory, you need to place your bets on the team that lost the previous game. In all likelihood, they will recoup themselves in the next game.

Using Home Team Advantage

Although some experts are still thinking that home team advantage is an unreasonable belief, there’s some truth in it. When choosing this sports betting strategy, you need to bet on a team that plays in a home stadium. In this case, they have more chances to win as they are supported by local fans. The effect of the crowd really matters. Plus, any team feels more comfortable when they are playing at home. Home teams don’t travel and don’t physically exhaust themselves before the game.

Reverse Line Movement

This term is widely used in sports betting. In the event you choose this system, you need to keep track of line movement and catch an anomaly where a bookmaker starts moving the line in the opposite direction. Nevertheless, you need to spend your precious time monitoring the line movement and when you finally find a rare occasion, you need to place your bet.

Fixed Betting

In this case, your main task is to bet a fixed amount on absolutely each bet. For example, you want to bet 2000 INR. If you have a 60% probability of winning, this doesn’t mean you lose your balance quickly. In this case, your chances of losing will be relatively slow.

Proportional Betting

When choosing this system, you need to bet only a part of your bankroll. After that, you have to gradually increase your bets (using the same percentage) after each win. To understand how it works, it is better to have a look at the example. Just imagine your bankroll is 10,000 INR and you need to bet 10%. For the first time, you bet 1,000 INR. If your bet is winning, you need to add your winnings and add 10% for your future wager.

The greatest benefit of proportional betting is that winnings grow quicker as compared to a fixed system. Besides, losses also slow down.

Although betting is more about luck, you have to do the utmost to regulate the situation and double your chances to win. We, at Parimatch, understand that you can’t pin your faith on luck only. If you want to earn money on betting in India, check up the below-listed posts; they might clarify lots of issues:

Casino Gambling Systems

Play Casino games on Parimatch

If betting on sport is not your cup of tea, you can try your hand at online gambling. On Parimatch, we have an extensive selection of game titles, ranging from simple slots to poker or baccarat and Andar Bahar. Let’s move on to discussing the most effective casino strategies that might improve your winning chances.


Eager to be a successful poker player? In this case, you need to be familiar with the rules and understand how to play poker. This game is not only about luck. To be a winner, you need to be aware of the main strategies and be able to apply them. Let’s take a deeper look at the most effective types of bets that you can make.


If your end goal is to put extra pressure on your opponent, you have to choose overbet. When handled properly, your opponent will surely make a mistake. Normally, an overbet is used when you wish to make the pot expensive or when you want to play a loose player.

Slow Play

The overriding purpose of this poker bet is to act weak trying to make your opponent make some actions.  In other words, you need to act weak trying to hide your strength. So far, it’s a powerful tactic that allows you to make your opponent demonstrate extra chips out.

Vary Betting Size

Don’t forget to change your betting strategies from time to time. This doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes regularly. However, if you bet the same amount every time, your opponent will quickly learn your strategy. In poker, your main goal is to keep your opponents guessing, so vary the betting size sometimes.

Continuation Betting

It is used when you make a raise and take the lead in the betting before the flop. When making a continuous bet, you’ll be able to maintain the strength before the flop. A Continuation bet should normally be ½ the size of the general pot.

Probe Bet

Continuation and Probe bets are very similar, but in this case, your opponent is leading in the betting before the flop happens. After the flop, he can’t bet. The main objectives of a probe bet are as follows:

  • It allows you to win the pot if your opponent is weak.
  • You make your opponent play and as a result, you’ll find out more about them. In other words, it allows you to learn the weakness of your opponent.

Count Cards

Although some players consider this betting strategy illegal in poker, it is still popular. If your goal is not to gain unfair benefits, you can use it. In poker, players count cards to make profitable decisions against other players.

Block Betting

A blocking bet in poker is a small bet that usually takes around 20% of the general pot. Its key objective is to help you survive when you are out of position as it stops your opponents from making large size bets themselves.


Blackjack is one of the most popular games on Parimatch. If you have not the slightest idea of how to win at blackjack, check this comprehensive guide. It might improve your winning chances. Now, let’s take a closer look at the most effective blackjack strategies.

2-1-2 Blackjack System

Sometimes, it is also called the Manhattan strategy. Its main goal is to reward players that managed to hit a good run of hands. In this case, you need to reduce your bet after a win, then you need to win and increase your bet again.

For example: You begin with two units — 2,000 INR. If you win, you reduce your bet to 1,000 INR and when you win again, your bet increases to 3,000 INR.

Count Cards

If you are an experienced player, you can surely count cards. In doing so, you’ll easily find out if the next hand is probably to give an advantage to the player. It requires some skills to master this strategy. Plus, profitability is usually small.

Know When to Drop the Cards

Dropping cards is also a strategy, used when you understand that you are losing and you wish to stop the game. You can surely fight till the end and sooner or later, it will lead you to a defeat. So if you feel that you are losing, it would be better to drop the cards and carry fewer points.

Learn the Basic Strategy

Experts say that it’s the best way to play this game. When you get the cards, you need to make your choice and pick one of the following options: hit, split, stand, double, or surrender. The thing is that the basic strategy uses basic logic. Analyze your cards and you’ll see what to do. For example, you don’t hit if your first two cards give 20 points. You also don’t want to stand when your starting hand is worth only five points.

Raise Your Bet Every Time You Win

Raise your bet whenever you see that things go well. Analyze your potential losses and if they can be compensated by the money that you already have, you can raise your bet. Wins and losses in blackjack don’t come in streaks. It’s a gambling game and there’s not only one way to go. A lot depends on your luck as well.


It’s a sin not to play roulette at least once in a lifetime. Learn how to play roulette and our basic gambling strategies, and immerse yourself in the gameplay right away! Parimatch offers a huge variety of roulette games including American and European roulette, Golden Chip Roulette, and many others.

Non-Progressive Betting

This betting system allows punters to bet the same amount throughout the gameplay without considering the outcome of the previous game. In this case, there’s no need to make too complicated calculations. On the plus side, you also won’t suffer too massive losses.

Bet on Red or Black

This is probably the most widely used betting strategy. It’s a common wager and odds are usually 50/50. In this case, you only need to choose whether to bet on red or black. But remember that in this case, you can win only once and it’s impossible to win in the long run because the house has an edge in roulette.

Bet on Odd or Even

When choosing this technique, you need to decide whether the number where the ball would land on is even or odd. This is where you need to decide whether to bet on odd or even numbers. If you choose even numbers, you have to place your chips to the box, usually marked 1-18. When you bet on the odd numbers, you place your chip on the box, usually marked “Odd” (19-36).

Roulette Split Bet

In this case, you need to place your bet on a chip, located between two numbers (either horizontally or vertically). In doing so, you demonstrate that you are betting on two numbers (for example, 15 and 16, or 23 and 26).

Casino Slots

Play Casino slots with Parimatch

A slot machine can be both just a simple mood lifter or game that can bring additional income. At a glance, it seems that slot machines are a matter of chance. Partially, that’s true because you can’t change the outcome of the game. But some approaches can increase your winning chances. Learn how to play casino slots and use our insightful pieces of advice that might help get the most out of slot machines.

Look for High and Low Volatility of Slots

The thing is that high volatility slots allow you to get substantial wins and deliver more bonuses. As a result, your chances to win are higher and you pay less money.

Play Within Your Budget

Slot machines usually bring a lot of fun, but unfortunately, they can also be a lot of trouble. Be honest with yourself, and determine how much you can spend on playing slots. When you lose your money, you should stop for today and continue the gameplay on another day. Otherwise, you may quickly find yourself in a great deal of debt.

Know When To Stop

Sometimes, we allow our emotions to dictate our decisions. Don’t allow them to control you. That’s a bad habit in the gambling world. If you see that you lose money, you have to stop the game immediately and return to it later.

Esports Betting System

How to win on esports betting? Make comprehensive research, check the results from the previous matches, weigh all pros and cons, and wager on your favorite team 👌😇

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Keen on cybersports? On Parimatch, we have many events where you can wager on your favorite team and win some money. Remember that you can’t achieve success without an effective esports betting strategy. When you follow them, you’ll surely have a sense of a  clear goal that allows you to bet more consistently. Let’s review the most widely-used esports betting strategies in India. You can use them when wagering on CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2 and other games.

Follow Past Match Results

You can’t make winning bets if you don’t know who is who. Make careful research before the game, learn statistics from the previous matches, and based on this information you can deposit money and bet on your favorite team.

Analyze Teams’ Performances

Learning more about the performance of each team before betting is mandatory. They may lose the previous match, but this doesn’t mean they are underachievers. Surf the net trying to find out more about the success story of each team. Based on this information, you can place your bets.

Analyze Players’ Performances

This recommendation is similar to the previous one. If you are going to bet on particular players, you need to study up on their success story. Players may take breaks for a long time or go to other teams; evidently, this will influence their performance.

Go through the Maps

A map winner is a team that wins the specified map in such games as CS:GO, Dota 2, or League of Legends. You can bet on a team that wins Map 1, 2, or 3. Moreover, you can also bet on the general number of maps.

Know the Format

Beware that esports tournaments vary greatly from simple round robins to elimination baskets. Before placing your bets on Parimatch, you have to study up on the tournament format, check how many rounds are in a series of games, etc.

Listen to Top-Notch Predictors

They know what’s what! Such experts know everything about each championship and can surely provide you with insightful pieces of advice.

Know the Roster

You have to monitor roster changes that are common in esports. Teams do the utmost to replace weak players with stronger ones. And this can surely influence the course of the game. It is a common practice in esports to avoid betting on a team that has just made a roster change.

Create The Best Betting System That Works!

As you can see some of the mentioned betting strategies look alike, while others offer contradicting approaches. If your key objective is to convert your sports knowledge into additional income via a sportsbook, you have to use a mix of betting strategies and make a comprehensive analysis before each match. Knowing what’s going on in the stadium, the success story of each team, and what cities both teams represent will surely simplify decision-making regarding your bets.

You probably know that things do not always pan out as predicted by experts in this niche. Therefore, successful punters simply can’t do without their own betting system they stick to while wagering on sports. We hope that our insightful guide will help you build the right strategy!

How Can You Bet on Parimatch?

Parimatch is a time-proven and legit bookmaker in India that offers an extensive set of betting markets and only profitable odds. We value the time of our bettors and go to great lengths to make them feel comfortable while betting on our gambling platform. Have a look at the main directions that you have to follow to place your bets on Parimatch.

Bet on Sports

  • Create your account: enter your phone number and create a password. If you’ve already got an account to play casino games on Parimatch, it also works for betting.
  • Make a deposit. We have a broad selection of payment options. Plus, we accept Indian rupees.
  • Find the matches you want to bet on.
  • Find the best bet option for the match. On Parimatch, you can find a myriad of profitable odds.
  • Place a bet and wait for the outcome of the game!

Play Casino Games

  • Create an account and confirm your phone number. This procedure takes a couple of minutes. If you’ve already registered to bet on sports, you can use the same account for casino games.
  • Make a deposit using the most convenient payment method.
  • Choose the game you want to play in the following sections.
  • Start playing, enjoy the gameplay, and wait for the outcome!


Wrapping up what has been said, you can see that all available betting strategies are about to maximize your edge over the bookmaker in this area. All these systems have already been tested by numerous punters and quite successfully.

But no one will tell you that there’s only one successful strategy that allows punters to shovel up money. Learn, analyze, make an analysis before each game, use special bonus options, and in doing so, you’ll build your own strategy that will show a pathway to profit. However, you can’t pin your faith on these strategies. Remember that betting is mostly about luck!

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How do you never lose a bet?

Even experienced punters lose bets, but to prevent this from happening, you can take some measures. Firstly, you have to view the odds and avoid impulse betting. Secondly, never follow predictions blindly.

What is the winning method in betting?

If you want to raise your chances to win, you have to avoid the temptation while placing your bets. Make sure you understand the odds and the market. Never bet with your heart; make a thorough analysis instead.

What sport is the easiest to bet on?

Cricket, horse racing, football, and tennis are the easiest sports to bet on.

How can I improve my betting skills?

If you want to achieve success in this niche, you have to learn to accept your losses. Unfortunately, losses are an integral part of betting. You should also leave emotions out of betting. Analyze all possible betting strategies and develop your own.

Which betting strategy should I choose if I’m new to sports betting?

If you are a newbie in this area, you should opt for low-risk betting strategies. Bet on the outright winner, over and under bets, parlay bets, etc.

Can live betting be a part of my strategy?

Live betting can surely be a part of your strategy. Moreover, it has numerous benefits because when you make live bets and do it properly, you can double your winning chances. But in this case, you need to be doubly sure that you know how to predict the outcome of the match over a short period of time.

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