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If right now you are looking for a unique sports betting experience, we have great news for you! Parimatch has just launched a betting exchange in India! It’s a more efficient betting form that offers higher coefficients and more profitable bets. If you are eager to test this betting option, don’t hesitate to join us right away!

Why do you need to try this betting form? What is special about it? The thing is that an exchange bet allows punters to get much better odds and, of course, higher winnings. It doesn’t matter whether you are betting on cricket, football, or basketball, this betting form works for many sports. At this very moment, Parimatch is one of the best betting exchange sites in India that offers a massive collection of in play betting opportunities. And in this insightful guide, we’ll take a closer look at how to get the most out of betting exchages. So, get comfortable and have a look!

Exchange Betting at Parimatch: How Does Betting Exchange Work?

Well, what is a betting exchange? If you are a newbie in this niche, it may be challenging for you to understand how sports exchange betting works. However, everything is easier than you might think. Let’s begin with the basics and explain how it all works. In general, a betting exchange is a marketplace for punters to wager on the outcome of discrete events. This betting form offers the same betting opportunities as an online bookmaker, but in this case, punters are allowed to buy and sell the outcome. Simply put, they trade it in real-time through the event.

Overall, the Parimatch betting exchange is a new platform, which offers a new type of betting in i-gaming. As a result, all users that prefer to bet exchange online get more betting opportunities due to a massive collection of bets available. Let’s take a closer look at different betting exchanges for various sports.

Cricket bets exchange

Cricket betting exchanges at Parimatch

As we have already mentioned, this form of betting is used in different sports, but the most popular option is betting exchanges offer for cricket. Indians do love cricket and can’t imagine their life without cricket matches. At this very moment, you can raise your profit from sports betting if you opt for the Parimatch Indian betting exchange platform.

Our betting exchange platform allows users to trade on cricket matches so that they ensure profit. For instance, you wager on Royal Challengers Bangalore to win the IPL championship at odds of 4.00 by making a bet of 1000 INR. Nevertheless, if the chances of this team winning the IPL increase due to, for example, Mumbai Indians not mounting a challenge, in this case, their odds of winning will decrease to around 2.00. As a result, a punter can switch from backing the RCB to win to laying them with 2000 INR to lose at odds 2.00. In this case, one can lock in a guaranteed profit.

Football online betting exchange

Football betting exchanges at Parimatch

If you adore football matches, the Parimatch exchange betting site might be right up your alley. You’ll get a massive collection of betting opportunities and get a chance to test a new betting form. When choosing this betting option, it doesn’t matter if the match ends in a draw or not, as in this case, you’ll get a guaranteed profit (the sum depends on how much you wager). Overall, this form of betting is especially useful when the odds are getting lower.

Tennis bets exchange

Tennis betting exchanges at Parimatch

When choosing a tennis betting exchange, you’ll get higher rates and, of course, more transparency as in this case, the turnover is always visible. The thing is that exchange makes it possible for tennis fans to make higher bets if there’s another punter willing to bet. Overall, to test this betting form, just go to the Parimatch sports betting exchange platform, choose “Tennis”, run over the available tennis sets, and place your wagers!

Premier League India bet exchange

IPL betting exchanges at Parimatch

The Indian Premier League is one of the most long-awaited cricket events in the world. It’s a professional men’s Twenty20 cricket league where ten teams compete for the main title. Parimatch Exchange offers many betting opportunities. First off, it can drastically improve betting effectiveness. All that you need to do is to go to Parimatch, choose a bet from the list to wager against another player.

How Does a Betting Exchange Work In-Play?

One of the fundamental benefits of this option is that all our users also get access to in play betting. This option allows punters to wager while sporting events are taking place. Simply put, when choosing this option, you place your betting exchanges right after the match begins. Statistically, live betting is more beneficial as in this case, punters have much better chances with this reputable betting exchange in terms of odds, betting experience, payouts, and transparency.

Above all, we offer the best betting exchanges on the market at the convenient and reliable platform that works both on mobile and desktop devices. All in all, Parimatch is one of the best online betting exchange sites in India. So, it’s time to counter your concerns and join us right away!

Back and Lay Betting

Our platform is even more effective for wagering as Layers or Backers. The term back betting means putting your money on the event to happen — a team or a player to win the game. And lay betting means wagering on something not to happen. If you are eager to test back and lay bets, go to Parimatch, one of the best and most trusted exchange betting sites in India.

Exchange Betting Odds

Before you deposit funds and start betting exchanges, you need to look at the odds and analyze the chances of both teams to win the match. Odds show the measure of the likelihood of a certain outcome. They are usually calculated as the ratio of the number of sporting events that produce the outcome to the number that don’t.

One of the main reasons why you need to opt for Parimatch is that we are one of the top betting exchange sites in India that offers the most lucrative and better odds to users than any other betting sites. So, register your account and join us right away!

Exchange Betting App

If you prefer betting on the go, download our betting exchange app and you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest information about betting. All that you need to do is to log in to your account (or register it), deposit funds, and open our betting exchange India platform. At this very moment, you can bet on cricket, tennis, football, or IPL. Choose the upcoming sporting event and start betting exchanges in a few clicks!

When it comes to analyzing the best betting exchange sites, Parimatch might be the best solution as we offer an array of tools that make betting exchange easier. So, download our bet exchange app and don’t miss exciting betting opportunities!

Conclusion on Parimatch Betting Exchange Market

It’s time to sum up our guide on betting exchange. Overall, you see that Parimatch offers a massive collection of betting opportunities. Read more about betting at Parimatch in our dedicated article. Moreover, we’ve already been in sports betting for over 27 years and have already gained a reputation as a trusted service. Today, Parimatch is one of the best exchange betting sites in India that offers the most lucrative odds, many betting markets, bonuses for new and regular players, and payment options. So, register your account and join us right away!


What is sports betting exchange?

It’s a platform that enables punters to bet against each other. If a sportsbook provides this service, it usually doesn’t worry about certain sides as in this case, it takes a commission on winnings from the customers.

How does exchange betting work?

A user chooses a bet from the list to wager against another person. Plus, one can lay a bet and offer a higher coefficient. However, it must be backed by another punter.

What is lay and back in betting?

When choosing a back bet, you say “this team will win”. In a lay bet, you are wagering that a certain team will not win.

Which exchange is best for betting?

Parimatch is one of the best betting exchange betting sites in India. It offers the most profitable odds, an array of betting markets, and many payment systems.

What are the types of betting exchange?

Here, at Parimatch, you can make cricket, tennis, football, or IPL exchange bets.

How do you win an exchange bet?

If you wish to make a winning bet, you need to analyze the odds, find out more about the teams or players, and check their reputation. This information might help you predict the right results.

How to use exchange betting on a betting exchange site?

The general betting procedure is exactly the same as betting with a traditional bookmaker. It involves choosing an outcome and deciding a stake. The second type of player is the one who lays your bet.

What is betting exchange in football?

Betting exchange in football enables members to wager against each other rather than a bookmaker.

What is liability in betting exchange?

It’s the sum you are risking when making a bet (whether it’s laying or backing the final outcome).


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